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100% México

+34 915 753 509

100% México is a store that offers its products to the public through its physical stores and its online store since 2006. It offers a complete line for the kitchen and also handles handicrafts.

Abarrotes Doña Cuca

+34 930 076 762

A little corner store in Barcelona. A variety of Mexican products are offered such as beans, chilies, snacks, tortillas, and much more.


A meeting between French and Mexicans wanting a culinary exchange. Mexican food products are offered.

Alimentación Gastromundo

+34 645 839 053

A company dedicated to international food that handles an extensive line of Mexican products.

Store in Antwerp, Belgium that offers products from Latin America.



First online store of Mexican ingredients in Sweden, since 2006.


+34644181987 was born in March 2020 with the clear objective of offering a complete experience to Mexican food. We make typical recipes with our products, on our YouTube channel. We are constantly updating the videos, in order to introduce other cultures to use our products and how they are used. We want to give the customer the feeling of proximity, with an exquisite customer service and as immediate as possible.

Antojitos MX


Antojitos Mx is a Franco-Mexican company of Mexican food products. We are a 100% family business.
Our online store was created in December 2016 and put online in February 2017. Since then and every year we have had a development of the 30%. Thanks to our catering service we can publicize Mexican food, give culinary workshops and promote the products we have.

Atflya Ltd


ATFLYA Ltd is a family business that was founded in 1959 in Halandri Greece and since then has been importing high quality products, Ahmad Tea, Mexican and Latin, products related to healthy eating and a healthy diet.

Our customers throughout Greece who use our products for personal and professional use, as well as the well-established companies from which we buy our products, are a guarantee of the products we have.

Casa Fonseca


Our history
1994 - Querétaro, Mexico. Joel Fonseca or "Don Fonseca" as his clients call him, father of four children, decides together with his wife Carmen to open a store of Mexican products under the name of "Servicio Fonseca".

90s - María Fonseca, the youngest daughter of Joel and Carmen, learns the business from her father by helping with purchases, sales and administration.

Casa Maya

+76 246 79 96

A store in Switzerland with a great variety of Mexican products.

House Mexico

+43 1 31545396

House Mexico specializes in Mexican and South American food, beverages and spirits. We have been using our knowledge for 15 years to import the best and highest quality products into the EU.

A store that offers a very wide range of Mexican products with the intention of propagating the culinary traditions of the country.

Chili & Paprika

+49 1522 9668241

I spent 25 years as an expert in restaurants, most of them in hotels and restaurants, where I mainly served spicy food, which always excited me.

From this the idea of a own chili shop was developed. Due to the great demand for Mexican food, a store was created for lovers of Latin American cuisine.

Our small store business has been in existence since March 2013.


ChiliHouse It is an all-chile store that handles them from their seeds and even the various products that are produced with them, even chocolate! In addition, other products from Mexico are handled.

Chilli Gourmet Tortillería

+43 699 18342688

Specialized in chili peppers, sauces, tortillas and more ...

We offer a large selection of chili peppers and chili sauces. We produce our own original Mexican tortillas made with corn, blue corn or wheat. We also offer a large number of original Mexican products such as mole, beans, and cajeta!
Come and visit directly in the store or request your favorite products by email.

Cintli Tortillas Berlin

+49 176 34655349

Fresh corn tortillas with authentic flavor - Fresh corn tortillas with authentic flavor

Comalli Tortillas Mexicaines Artisanales

+33 7 69 13 13 45

They offer white and blue tortillas, white and blue sopes, blue huaraches with black beans and soon gorditas de chicharrón.

Everything is made to order with Naturelo Mexican corn flour and nixtamalized.

It is necessary to raise the order through the Facebook page, by phone or message 48 hours in advance.
Corn tortillas

Wheat tortillas

Mexican dishes
Deliveries in Saint Lazare, Défense and Versailles Rive droite or Chantier with more delivery points in the plans.

Comercial Mexicana

An online supermarket of Mexican products where you can find everything from tortillas, beans and sauces to kitchenware.

Like mexico

+47 414 42 890

Corn tortillas

Fresh and authentic tortilla made with GMO-free nixtamalized corn flour. Perfect for tacos, enchiladas, flautas, tostadas and nachos.

Wheat tortillas

Fresh and fluffy omelette made with grandma's recipe. Perfect for making tacos, burritos, wraps, quesadillas, and fajitas. It can also be used as a base for thin pizza.

Cool Chile Co.

0208 969 5640

Cool Chile was founded by Dodie Miller in 1993 who began importing a wide variety of dried chili peppers from Mexico to the United Kingdom. These imported chili peppers were sold at a market stall in Portobello Market and later in Borough. Meanwhile, each time they traveled to Mexico, the various flavors of the country's cuisine were tasted and upon returning, a variety of sauces and pastas were prepared with the imported chilies.

Crevel Europe


Importer and distributor of Mexican products in Europe. With our main warehouse in Prague, we supply 14 EU countries for both retail and foodservice customers.
The Crevel group also has a presence in 5 US states and its own operation in Jalisco.

Deli Mexico

+31 70 220 2136

Deli Mexico is a store that arose from the need to get closer to Mexico, while abroad. A wide line of Mexican food products is offered.

Delicious Food and Drinks

Store of Mexican products in Germany with a wide range.

Despensa Mexicana

+34 911 10 90 15

Despensa Mexicana is an online store that offers authentic imported Mexican products at very competitive prices.

The Alebrije-Mexican Bakery


Originally from Mexico City, I started craving pan de muerto in 2015. By offering it to several people, they were delighted with its taste and texture. Since then, I have been offering a variety of products from our rich and varied bakery. I hope to be able to ship to various parts of Europe soon.

El Maíz


Welcome to EL MAIZ, the first Mexican import company in Switzerland.
From 1984 until now we continue working so that more people can enjoy the delicious taste of our Mexican products in Switzerland.

El Portal de la Comida Mexicana

El Portal de la Comida Mexicana is a store whose mission is to spread Mexican gastronomy in Europe. Handles a wide range of products for the kitchen.

Elite Foods

+420 222 522 958

Our business was created out of a passion for food and a desire for quality and taste. From our beginnings as a much-missed food importer from the UK, the home of our founder, we now offer a wide range of premium food products to our growing portfolio of customers.

Today our selection of fresh, frozen and chilled premium food products is distributed to retailers, restaurants and hotels throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Frida Kahlo Mexican Products

Store in Switzerland of Mexican products.

Hola México

+49 228 62997955

Pilar Almaraz founded Hola México the day of the independence of Mexico, September 16, 2011! He completed the "Distintivo T" certification program of the "Tequila Regulatory Council" (CRT), in Guadalajara, Jalisco and is one of the few certified and expert people in tequila.

She has lived in Germany since 2008 and is motivated by the culture and traditions of Mexico.

Itztli Mexican Cuisine

Delivering authentic Mexican products directly to your home since 2005. A wide variety of Mexican food products at your disposal.

Japaleños Tu Gitana

+34 665 38 45 27

20 kilometers from Valencia, there is a store that is different from the others in the sense that fresh Mexican chilies and vegetables are offered. It is run by a Mexican and Spanish couple and they offer their products through their online store.

Komali Danmark / TresAmigos


Authorized distributor for Denmark of “Komali Tortillas”.

Komali Tortillas

+49 40 53022249

Komali Tortillas offers tortillas made from organic corn under strict German hygiene and quality standards.

Grandma Bakery


La Abuela Bakery was founded in 2018 out of the concern to bring our gastronomy and culture to more places and what better way than through delicious Mexican bread. Our vision is to make our bread known to all Mexicans residing in the Netherlands and to all those Dutch with an adventurous palate.

The Basket

0032 16402229

Mexican products store. Wholesale discounts.

A store that handles Mexican products in Paris.

La Esquinita

+ 33 675 450 084

A project created by four friends who share the love of Mexico as their starting point. Various staples for Mexican cuisine are offered.

La Guadalupana

+44 382 98 40

La Guadalupana is a store in Switzerland that offers authentic Mexican products.

The Jewel of Mexico


We are a store of Mexican products. We prepare caterings or tacos to take away, we pack for you the most traditional Mexican stews which are ready to heat and eat. Get to know us and fall in love with Mexican cuisine straight to the door of your home.

La Mexicana Bremen

+49 151 23127996

La Mexicana Bremen was founded out of love for Mexican cuisine, the founder, a Mexican textile designer, passionate about excellent Mexican cuisine, pursued her dream of bringing the flavor of Mexican markets and crafts to Germany.


Hohenlohestraße 46, 28209 Bremen
Celler Heerstraße 44, 38114 Braunschweig


La Mexicana Bremen wurde aus Liebe zur mexikanischen Küche gegründet, die Gründerin, eine mexikanische Textildesignerin, mit Leidenschaft zur hervorragenden mexikanischen Küche, verfolgte ihren Traum den Geschmack der mexikanisch der German Märkland der German Handwheel und Germany.

La Morenita Tortillas

+39 346 634 1183

100% Italian corn nixtamalized by ourselves.

We belong to the Associazione Italiana di Celiachia.

The Proveeduría - Pure Mexican


We import traditional and original products of plant origin from Mexico, we distribute them wholesale and retail in Central Europe.

La Tienda Mexicana

+34 910599606

Tulum Trading was founded in 2017 and began operations in Spain in 2018. We are dedicated to the import and distribution of gastronomic products from Mexico. We are a group of young entrepreneurs with a clear vision of importing ingredients of recognized quality as well as providing new ingredients for the development of good Mexican gastronomy on the European continent.

The little Shop

+44 207 736 0897

LaTiendita is a young creative company for cosmopolitan people, who seeks to combine the urban style of Mexico with British and European culture. Inspiration from both worlds, that's what LaTiendita is all about. Combine both cultures in a globalized world.

Tortilleria and import of Mexican specialties with 20 years of service in Germany. The tortillas are made fresh and reach destinations within Germany in 1 to 2 days. They can be frozen. A wide line of Mexican products is handled.

Los Juanitos

+33 6 35 92 71 64

Los Juanitos is a store in France that handles a fairly wide line of Mexican products.

The Mexikanos

+30 6948921714

Tortilla manufacturers and sale of Mexican food products.

Mexican delicacies workshop.

María la Bonita

+34 930 30 95 26

María la Bonita is a store in Barcelona created by a Mexican couple who want to make life easier for everyone in Europe, putting the beloved products of Mexico at their fingertips. Very well stocked and organized!

Mex-Al GmbH

+49 241 918540

The Mex-Al GmbH company is a family business located in Aachen, Germany, specialized in the import and distribution of Mexican food and products. Its founder is Mrs. Carmen Enríquez de Wolharn, who started the company with a small business to support the family economy, which, thanks to her effort and entrepreneurial vision, grew to be one of the most important importers and producers of products. Mexicans in Europe.



Online store of foods of Mexican origin. We have a wide variety of brands and products. We began structuring the store in January 2018. And it was not until August 2019 that the project crystallized, starting operations in the city of Lyon, France.

MexGrocer (Germany)

0176 – 43668430

José María and Sandra form the German team of MexGrocer. The couple met in Mexico and after their daughter was born, they decided to move to Germany where they met the UK company and became part of the franchise, establishing a branch in the German country.

They offer a wide variety of Mexican products ranging from corn tortilla, part of a basic Mexican diet, to fresh tomatillos to make the necessary green sauce.

MexGrocer (Spain)

+34 962 652 558

Store MexGrocer in Spain offering authentic Mexican products. It handles a variety of chili, canned and beverage products from Mexico. It is sent to a wide list of destinations.

MexGrocer (United Kingdom)

01582 391511

MexGrocer is a store that handles an extensive line of authentic Mexican products with worldwide shipments. Founded in 2006 in the United Kingdom and managed by Katya Torres de la Rocha since 2009, the company imports products from select suppliers in Mexico. It specializes in groceries and Mexican chili peppers and delivers unique products that no one else offers.

MexGrocer (Sweden)

+46 73 879 65 42

A store formed by arturo Escalante and Rodrigo Donoso who offer a range of Mexican products in Sweden.


+31 645678595

An online store that offers Mexican products from the Netherlands.

Mexican Mama Ltd.


Importer and distributor of Mexican products in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We import 100% Mexican products in order to bring NEW brands to the market and never seen before. We distribute wholesale and retail.

Our plans for the future is to continue making the Mexican culture known through our products and to support Mexican suppliers so that their businesses grow more.

Mexikanische Tortillas


We offer high quality handmade Sopes and Tortillas! Cooked over the fire and made from nixtamalized corn.

We implement the traditional technique to prepare our products, used for thousands of years in Mexico, since before the development of the tortilla machine.

We work with yellow, organic, GMO-free corn, planted here in Germany and with blue corn, also GMO-free, imported from Mexico.

Mexiko Gormet & Nahui schmuck aus Mexiko


Mexico is rich in flavors and aromas that, along with its culture and legends, serve as inspiration for
Our products are handmade in small quantities
MEXIKO GOURMET believes in the principles of fair trade, sustainability and environmental protection since 2016.


01582 391511

We specialize in importing from Mexico and distributing a wide range of brands and food products. Our clients are mainly supermarkets, restaurants, bars and food stores.

Boutique of Mexican products.

A store in Paris that serves the Mexican population of the French capital since 2010. It offers a wide variety of high-quality products.

MILPA Bournemouth

+44 7904935003

Corn tortillas made by us. We handle a variety of Mexican products.

Moctezuma Foods

+420 246 052 833

Moctezuma Foods was born in Vienna, Austria in April 2010, in a 62m2 space and with a production line of only 30 tortillas per minute, in a purely artisanal way, without labeling, without specialized packaging.
The first year, only 3 tons of tortillas were produced in a whole year.
Moctezuma Foods was Austria's first tortilla production company and recognized by the Austrian government as one of the top 50 companies in Austria in 2015.

Specialists in Mexican and Latin food. Delivering high-quality, authentic ingredients to your restaurant - A carefully selected and diverse authentic variety!

Mexican online store.
Find ingredients for Mexican cuisine.

Mexican online shop.
Find Mexican cuisine ingredients.



PILI ETHNIC FOODS SA is a full service ethnic foods importer and distributor based in Heraklion Crete, supplying the most popular ethnic foods throughout Greece. Our range consists of ethnic foods and drinks from Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, equipment, utensils, kitchen utensils and decoration items from Asia, as well as delicatessens, superfoods and vegan products, gluten free and lactose free .

Productos Mexicanos

+34 988 603 584

A company that, as its name does not give away, is dedicated to the importation and distribution of Mexican products, among other things such as books, wool, and household items.

Cute Cheese


Our company makes Mexican cheeses with the care and traditional artisan recipe.

All the elaboration is carried out in Madrid with natural ingredients and without additives, thus we manage to grant an exceptional freshness and flavor.
We currently ship to all of Europe.

Our cheeses have all the regulations and sanitary permits of the European Community.

Health Foodgroup Europe

+31 (0)162 49 20 90

Based in the Netherlands, Salud Foodgroup Europe produces and distributes frozen avocado products, snacks and tortillas and graders to more than 52 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

Tequila Hacienda

+49 (0)6158 748980

Giuseppina Gallo and her daughters continue to fulfill the dream of the late family head Walter, teaching the art of drinking tequila. They select the best of the best of every product they offer in the store.

The business was founded in 2007 and since then, it continues to serve its loyal customers within Germany.

Alive earth


Gourmet, healthy and exotic products, retail and horeca sales.

Tomatillos y Chiles en Francia


Producers and commercialization of fresh Mexican products in volume for Online Stores, Convenience Stores (Épiceries), Restaurants.

Production and commercialization of artisanal Mexican sauces based on fresh products (without preservatives or colorants) in volume for Online Stores, Convenience Stores (Épiceries), Restaurants.

Producers since 2017, we have a biological control in agriculture and a set of biological resources (biological control of pests in organic farming).

Tortilla Factory


Tortilla Factory produces / distributes non-GMO Mexican white, blue and yellow corn tortillas, made with traditional machinery and high quality native raw materials.

It also distributes more products related to Mexican gastronomy to wholesalers and individuals.

Tortillas La Familia Oy Ltd

+358 40 5634597

We are Tortillas La Familia, the first tortilla shop in Finland. Established in 2016, our family business offers authentic Mexican corn tortillas. We are passionate about bringing original Mexican flavors to every Finnish cuisine. With our delicious and fresh corn tortillas you will enjoy the true Mexican experience!

Tortillas Tlaxcalli

Production of tortillas and nixtamalized and organic corn chips.

Taiyari Tortillería

+31 6 23609193

Tortilleria Taiyari is the first traditional Mexican tortilla bakery in the Netherlands. We make organic soft corn tortillas from organic whole grain, non-GMO corn.

Nixtamalized and organic corn tortillas imported from Oaxaca.
Fresh Organic Yellow Corn Tortillas
Fresh Organic White Corn Tortillas
Fresh Organic Blue Corn Tortillas
Fresh organic jalapeño and coriander corn tortillas.

Your Mexican Store

Mexican food products store.

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