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  1. I am a customer of the tortillería in Geneva, Switzerland. "" manufactures its own corn and wheat tortillas without additives or preservatives. In addition to preparing excellent tortilla chips and tostadas, she cooks delicious typically Mexican dishes. It also sells preserved and canned products, dried chilies, sauces and in season: fresh green tomato and chili peppers.
    Very good your article, I hope the directory is completed well, the price comparison seems unfair to me because producing tortillas in the Czech Republic or in Switzerland does not have the same cost and is reflected in the price. But anyway, I am to support local entrepreneurs! Greetings from Geneva.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and your contribution Carmen. Unfortunately, the store has no sales on its site and I cannot find a Facebook page or other social media that I could offer to our non-Swiss readers to place their orders. Do you think you can ask if they send orders and how to do one? I would appreciate!

      From what the price comparison goes, not only is it not fair but it would be complicated, too. If you are in Switzerland, although you can find the tortillas at a better price in the Czech Republic, it is probably not convenient to get them from that country because of the freight price that has to be taken into account, too. But it would be nice to at least have a presentation of the prices. We will see. Perhaps in the near future some kind of presentation can be made.

      I appreciate your help and hope to see you here again. Greetings!

  2. For those who live in Italy, I recommend La Morenita. They have tortillas of various sizes, as well as huaraches and sopes.
    Its products are of the highest quality and with a very good taste and texture.
    They mail everywhere, I hope they put them on your list.

  3. Hello
    I am in France and I sell fresh white and blue corn tortillas nixmalisado, flour tortillas, sopes, huaraches and soon gorditas de chicharrón
    My delivery points are mainly in Paris
    FB Laura Comalli
    FB @ @tortillasartisanalesfraichementlivrees
    INSTAGRAM @ comalli_78

    1. Thank you very much for communicating with us Laura. We have already heard about your tortilla business and will add it in the next edition of the article that I hope to finish as soon as possible. I really appreciate your contribution and I send you a big greeting!

  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate the possibilities we have to get tortillas in Europe.
    The only thing I needed in the investigation is a comparison of prices of each store, although I know that they are changing, but is it something that we could all help you update?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Paloma. Within our plans, there is a comparison of prices of several Mexican products that are offered by stores in Europe and of course there would be no shortage of tortillas. We are arming a directory and we are just beginning. It is hard work that requires a lot of dedication and hours. For this reason, we have preferred to grow the list of businesses covered by this article and that of online stores in Europe, before presenting prices and comparing them. The task gets more complicated since you have to take into account that the products that you buy have to be shipped. Apart from increasing freight prices, you have to keep in mind the location of each person to be able to calculate it. I think that for the moment and in order not to wear ourselves out with too much information, we will leave it for the near future but I do like the idea of being able to review prices before placing an order. I hope you visit the site often as we have many plans and we hope to become an important point of reference within the old continent. Thanks for your help!

  5. Hello Berenice and Yannis,

    Good article but our presence is missing. Since January 2014. We have an online shop for handmade tortillas, here in Germany.

    We produce in smaller quantities as we are producing tortillas and sopes in the traditional way. We use organic yellow corn that is grown in Germany. We nixtamalize it, grind it using a stone mill, and prepare fresh orders daily. We ship our products all over Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Italy.

    I would be happy if you would add us to your list.

    Greetings from Mexikanische Tortillas,
    Amanda hubatsch

    I am from Michigan in the United States. I lived in Oaxaca for 6 years where I studied the art of making nixtamalized corn tortillas and cooking them over a traditional coma. If I have errors in my Spanish please excuse them and correct them before posting. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda and thank you very much for your comment! You're right. Sure enough, your store is missing from the list. I already have it signed up for its next edition, which I hope to have ready as soon as possible. Your Spanish is very, very good and you don't have to apologize. I too, share your fears with the language since I am Greek, a nationalized Mexican and I have lived in Mexico for about 16 years. Personally, I prefer to open my mouth and say what I want, even with mistakes. Also, I choose to let the ink dry with the mistake so I can practice writing. To err is the only way to learn. I hope we can stay in communication and I ask you to please notify me of new products and changes that may be implemented in your business to always have the information updated. I send you many greetings!

  6. Moctezuma Foods is missing from this list.
    They have the best tortillas I have bought in Europe and sometimes even better than in Mexico.

    Tortillerias on every corner? In the State of Mexico, where I come from, this is no longer the case. There is the one from Walmart, Superama, but no more. So sad.

    1. Thank you for your comment Imelda. Those of Moctezuma Foods yes, they are in the article. I don't think you saw them. They are very popular and could not be missing. It's true that supermarkets are shutting down small businesses in general. What a pity! They are ending the traditional little shops like tortillerías and groceries that historically have been of great importance to the country's homes. Hopefully there will be a change in the framework of the law that eliminates or at least retards the trend that, unfortunately, is worldwide. I hope you will visit us again soon. Greetings!

  7. Missing
    The Traditional
    I Tortillas
    There are some called Mexico of my loves or something like that, all of these that I mention are from Holland.
    You also have those of Amanda Husbatch in Germany and as Mexico in Norway

    1. Thank you very much for your contribution Laura! Had those of I-Tortillas and of Amanda husbatch ready for the next edition since their owners had contacted us. I will add those of Taiyari and of The Traditional to the list, too. Unfortunately, I can't find the ones from Mexico de Mis Amores but I think you mean Tortillería & Art Mis Amores that were also communicated and will be included in the update. Is that so or do you mean others? I send you a big greeting!

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